All blood groups are born out of the adaption to evolution and climate changes…

To talk about the history of the diet we have to talk about the history for human kind! Today there are 4 blood groups, O,A,B and AB known as the ABO system.

The first type being Type O. These early people were hunter gatherers. Thriving on meat caught by themselves and wild fish, this hunter gatherer survival technique occupies at least 90% of human history. Surprisingly it wasn’t until 12,000 years ago, all humans lived this way, according to the Cambridge encyclopaedia of hunter gatherers. In the grand scheme of things 12,000 years is a mere blink of an eye when it is said that the modern human evolved around 200,000 years ago! With this in mind it is crucial to remind ourselves that the introduction of agriculture, modern ingredients and the general modern lifestyle will have an effect on our ancient genes.

The mutations of the blood group came about by survival of the fittest and these mutations that improve survival are passed down to successive generations.

The next to evolve was Type A blood in the Neolithic period around 25-15,000 BC, often referred to as the “Cultivators”, the first to start planting crops and working as a group.

B Type blood then appeared between 15,000 and 10,000 BC.  The Nomads, moved out of the settled agrarian type A communities. Inheriting the immune systems of both type O and A, with the ability to digest and flourish on the animal and plant kingdom… “B for Balanced”

Type AB is the newest, emerged around 10-15 centuries ago, still very rare, and referred to as the enigma. Type AB is the result of the intermingling of Type A and Type B and therefore it shares the benefits and challenges of both blood types


There is no “One diet that fits all”…!

Ancestral eating and “The blood type diet” is by no means a modern phenomenon and was trialled and advocated by Dr James D’Adamo more than 30 years ago.

His fascination and understanding of the powerful effects food has on our blood types was passed down the line to his son Peter D’Adamo, a practising Naturopathy who studied further into the world of lectins and blood types on a whole. D’Adamo bases his ideas on the ABO classification system of Karl Landsteiner and Jan Jansky as well as some of the many other tissue surface antigens and classification systems. He looks at prevention rather than cure.In fact the reaction between lectins in food and your blood was first discovered at the turn of the century.

Ancestral eating has managed to positively change thousands of lives globally, (including mine!) just by fuelling the body with what it genetically requires.

Many people have discovered and understood that just by putting in your body what it requires, the whole body as a functioning machine works in harmony without malfunction.

Interestingly 90% of the population of Japan know their blood type and swear by the blood type and food correlation. Their TV offers blood type horoscopes, while in sport customizing their women’s softball training regime centred around the players blood type, managing to win gold in the Beijing Olympics.

Many celebrities have embraced the diet plan such as Cheryl Cole, Demi Moore and Elizabeth Hurley.