We live in a society where if it all goes wrong then we can always visit the doctor and pop a “magic pill” and hey presto all will be fine. Prescription drugs are handed out to patients far too often and it has often been reported that the overuse of antibiotics are a “ticking time bomb”

The NHS website states the following:

Inappropriate prescribing includes:

  • unnecessary prescription of antibiotics
  • unsuitable use of broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • wrong selection of antibiotics and inappropriate duration or dose of antibiotics

This has led to a resistance to certain antibiotics across hospitals across England and Europe. The spread of resistant bacteria in hospitals is a major issue for patients’ safety. Again by the NHS’s own admission they state that:

  • Infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria increase levels of disease and death, as well as the length of time people stay in hospitals.

Very worrying isn’t it?!

Therefore, more and more people, not only in the medical field but the general public also, are recognising Prevention is the key.

By no means are we saying never take a prescription drug again as sometimes they are what is required to gain back health and help the body fight infection but by eating all the right foods and eliminating all those poisonous foods, will allow a strong resistant immune system. This will naturally lead to less antibiotic and prescription drugs.