Some call it a diet, we call it a Clarity Plan, a clear, healthy, nutritious way of life….!

 “Your blood type is a genetic fingerprint which identifies you as an individual as does your DNA…”

The fundamental rule with blood type and food are equal and exact to one we adhere to in everyday life, but one we do without little thought……yes filling your car with fuel…We know a petrol car would simply choke, over heat and literally “die” if we gave it diesel and this is the same for a diesel car and petrol fuel.  We as humans are not dis-similar to cars in the fact that we rely on petrol (food) and convert this into kinetic energy (movement and heat). Human bodies are engines, a complex, clever scientific mass of cells requiring the correct food in order to survive.  Just as the car relies on the correct fuel, your body relies on the same..!

For example an “O” blood type who ate  a “balanced” diet consisting of dairy and wheat, may start to recognize signs of ill health, bloating, IBS, head-aches, fatigue, weight increase, if these foods were ate on a regular basis.  “One man’s food is another man’s poison”…!

According to Dr D’Adamo, the pioneer of blood type and diet connection, states each blood type has its own history and immune system. Each four types rely on different foods in order to combat disease, have physical vitality and remain in a sound healthy state.  Each type also dictates for instance which exercise you should partake in, what foods trigger emotional and physical stress and what really makes you, you!

For decades there has been growing consensus that a human body, no matter what their genes are or history is, that a person should eat a balanced diet. To reduce weight we simply need to reduce calories and exercise more. What the pioneer has researched and concluded in countless studies over the past 40 years that this is not the case, we are all utterly unique and there is no such thing as “one diet fits all…”  ! We as a society across the globe have been concentrating so hard on the nutritional benefits from food that we have forgotten or over looked the nutritional needs of the individual!

When you think about this logically it really makes sense as type “O” for instance, still to this day has a high stomach acid content compared to that of an “A” type in order to digest the consumption of meat. Protein was the only source of food when time began for our cro-magnon ancestors around 40,000 years ago, farm animals and cultivation were a million miles down the road, so to speak! Today the four blood groups are still such a vital part of our genetic make up.

We all lead busy life styles and convenience foods are not only convenient but we must remember that these Convenient toxins in brightly wrapped packages are proving ill health and life threatening diseases.

We’ve become so “brainwashed” by commercial food manufacturers and multi billion pound drug business’s that the western diet has become a walking advertiser for tasteless, modified, poor excuses for food. If you follow your Clarity blood type plan and stay away from refined, processed, convenience and gluten products you will Pin-point:

  • Foods which antagonise your immune system and make you ill and contribute to weight gain.
  • Foods which balance, harmonise and nourish your blood.
  • Alleviate ailments such as IBS, high blood pressure, poor skin.

Ultimately nobody can deny that eating wholesome nutritious food, and trusting our body’s own history and genetic make-up will lead you to a healthier you undoubtedly.


Not only does your blood require certain types of food but each group, according to recent studies have shown strengths in different sports and physical activities.

Under each type you’ll find an exercise which is beneficial for your type! Ever wondered why you have some friends who seem to slog it out at the gym all the time endlessly treading the mills and don’t seem to get anywhere? They are more than likely going to be a blood type A or a B who thrive under controlled calming exorcise eg, Tai chi, yoga, swimming, martial arts, hiking and mentally engaging activities.  Join the mailing list for tips on exercise plans and personalised sport! (link to mailing list)