The  Clarity Plan-

a clear, sustainable and nutritious way of life..!


Clarity 4 Food 069

Once you embark on the Clarity journey you will be on the path to a clear take on nutrition, with absolutely NO  jargon, out of date evidence or calorie counting ! Simple ancestral eating, the way we used to eat before disease threat every corner of the planet.


What you’re guaranteed to find in our ’12 week tweak’:

  1. Root cause analysis of your ailment and/or health concern
  2. Tailored advise to fit your needs
  3. 24/7 support….yup we answer calls after hours
  4. Post cleanse meal planners
  5. Tailored food boxes
  6. Exercise advise tailored to you
  7. A mutual trust and empathy from me to you
  8. Long term sustainable results


What you WONT find in our plans:

  1. Calorie Counting !
  2. Deprivation
  3. Over the top gym workouts
  4. Portion control
  5. Jargon and unclear advise
  6. Unnecessary remedies that aren’t required
  7. Quick fixes
  8. Processed foods
  9. Pushy sales


Ultimately nobody can deny that eating wholesome nutritious food, and trusting our body’s own history and genetic make-up will lead you to a healthier you, undoubtedly.



 The Plan is split into 3 key areas :
No1: Heal- Without healing the gut and balance hormones/gut flora we won’t allow for a foundation of sustainable results to take you beyond the 12 weeks.
No2: weight loss- This is set by us at the consultation stage
No3: Emotional balance- where we aim to eliminate all triggers of your life that cause you to be where you are now, if not totally remove then park in a place where theres no longer a negative energy or influence. This may be a person, a substance or a circumstance.



Now you will be armed with all the information to gain back your health and weight goals, weekly meal planners & shopping lists for your type exclusive to The Clarity Plan !