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A Clarity Consultation with

Jolene Field.

We start the process with a 1 to 1 consultation. Here we perform a test to determine your blood group and PH levels. By discovering the root cause of your ailment and unlocking your ancestral roots, we are then in a position to tailor a plan and provide the tools needed to reach your individual needs and goals, ensuring maximum and sustainable results.

Be a healthier version of yourself &,

Gain control of your health.

Cleansing is one of THE most important parts of any healthy lifestyle and must be carried out regularly. Juice cleansing aims to rid harmful metals and toxins from your body and helps retrain your brain into healthier eating patterns. We call it re-setting your batteries back to factory settings! We provide 4 bottles of alkalising juice per day, feeding your body’s cells minerals and vitamins quickly and effortlessly.

Monthly goodies in your own

Clarity Food Box

The Clarity Food Box is delivered monthly and is tailored to your individual needs. This takes the hassle out of shopping and makes it easier to follow your Clarity meal planners. All dry foods are carefully sourced and provided for you from reputable certified organic and/or local providers who are renowned for impeccable quality, nutritious food.

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The Clarity Plans

Clarity Much More

All plans include our popular Clarity meal planners, recipes and food lists tailored to your needs.

Clarity Much More

We provide tailored supplements* which enable you to maximise your strengths and minimise any weaknesses.
*(by choosing Plan C)

Clarity Much More

All initial juice cleanses come with a free cool bag, detox tea and pink Himalayan detoxifying bath salts.

Clarity Much More

And of course, all plans include 24/7 support which is vital when embarking any new lifestyle journey.

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