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My Journey

After 5 years of ancestral eating, I now have first hand knowledge and experience to pass this information on to you. We aim to work  together with you to improve your health and wellbeing and reach your optimum and sustainable health for you and your loved ones.

We, like you believe in a clean eating, un-tampered, organic, wholesome food. The type our grandparents ate, when organic food was just called “food”. Sadly for many, gone are the days of growing our own veg and collecting fresh eggs every morning ! Having two young children of our own we understand how difficult it is to cater for everyone’s tastes, ailments and timescales. Quite often reaching for the trusty whole wheat pasta or good old fashioned white potatoes often lead us to health problems, sometimes straight after mealtimes.


I quickly realised I had to change the way I ate as it was having a massive impact on my health.

5 years ago I was unknowingly eating too much gluten, dairy and hidden additives which gave me chronic IBS, sinus problems, acne and fatigue. I was prescribed long term antibiotics, which I had a hunch weren’t doing my immune system any good and verging on feeling that this was how life was now…at 29!! It wasn’t until having a few acupuncture sessions on my sinus’s that I was introduced to the blood type diet.

I too, like you was intrigued to know how eating in accordance with your genetic roots & blood could actually work and quickly found myself taking the plunge into the plan very seriously.

Being the inquisitive person I am, and intrigued into the what’s and how’s, it soon became my right hand man! After a few days I noticed an instant change in my acne, no more peering in the mirror wishing Id inherited the “good” skin gene and finally I could breathe again, I could trade in my    shares with Kleenex! No more antibiotics from doctors who hand them out too easily in our opinion.


Shedding The Weight

I had gained an extra 2 stone from having my 2nd child and was struggling with the weight loss,  after all, who has time for the gym every day with two children..? I managed to lose the weight and have sustained the loss and 5 years later still weigh the 9st  I was pre-babies. I couldn’t believe I could actually lose weight and not have to give up on my favourite foods, just a simple swap from one negative to a positive food, easy really but only when you are armed with the information and tools to help you.

‘Ditch and Switch’ Foods

Over the decades many foods have been genetically changed, moulded, tampered with and generally not what they used to be, quite often now lacking in the high nutrition value.  Grains for example have been cross bread so wheat and wheat products, bread, and pasta are not what they used to be all those decades ago. The nation has increasingly become intolerant to many of the modern day foods.  Gluten, and milk being the biggest culprits. After much research worldwide, it is widely considered that we need to now reach into our history, with a more paleo type lifestyle, and use more ancient ingredients and grains such as Spelt, Quinoa and buckwheat (Buckwheat is not a type of wheat, it is a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel). All these grains are more often high in fibre and rich in mineral content.

After researching a variety of conventional diets I found that they didn’t actually consider which foods could best help to prevent diseases such as cancer and auto immune diseases but merely state ‘eat a wide variety of foods’, not taking into consideration peoples health or gene pull.  The Clarity plan is able to do this because it’s created on the ethos that ‘no one diet fits all’!


From Me to Us

After studying for the Advanced Diploma Course in Holistic Nutrition I recruited a small team of like-minded people who believe in the plan wholeheartedly.


We look forward to assisting on your new found health journey


“Clarity is the path to inner peace”


Jolene  and the Clarity team