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Do you put lack of focus and energy, weight gain and food ailments down to an ‘age thing’? Knowledge has the power to bring life changing results but sometimes a guided hand will benefit your journey. By focusing on your key genetics and health goals, our personalized plan will give you the tools to take control of your life.

Five years ago I gained control of my life after years of prescribed medication which weakened my immune system. After gaining 'baby weight' and no conventional diet working, I turned to eating for my blood type and now feel better than ever, still 5 years on!

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Gain control of your health.

Our average yearly sugar intake. In 1950 it was 26lbs
The percentage of adults with diabetes caused by lifestyle and diet - NHS
1 in 3
The number of people in the UK diagnosed with a form of cancer within their lifetime.
The 'one diet fits all’ approach leaves upto 66% of dieters putting more weight on than they lost within 5 years.

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People I've Helped

“I've known Jolene for several years now, and she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too. She makes delicious blood type specific juices, but not just that, she has great knowledge on the D-Adamo Blood Type Diet, including delicious food recipes that are blood type specific. She gives tips/advice on lifestyle changes that can have a profoundly beneficial impact on health.”
Clarity Testimonial
Linda Booth
Specialist Registered Colon Hydrotherapist
“10 days on and I’ve continued to eat a predominantly vegetarian diet. I’m loving snacking on peanuts (beneficial for an A type like myself). I feel much leaner and even though I have a way to go I feel much more confident that I can keep it up. And if you’re wondering about weightloss, yes it worked for that too! Thank you so much Clarity.”
Clarity Testimonial
Clair Carrington
Aspiring Business Ltd
“After a Clarity Consultation I embarked on the cleanse. As a keen advocate of juicing I have to say this is a MUST for anyone as it makes you feel amazing, ridding your body of unwanted toxins so that you can effectively ‘start again’. Not to mention you will naturally lose weight too I lost three pounds in three days with Clarity Cleanse and over five days my partner lost almost ten pounds! You have to love the ethos of Clarity’s juice cleanses- 100% raw, natural, beneficial! I start my day with hot water & lemon first thing as advised by Jolene and chose meals rom my tailored meal planners. I have lost 3 pounds and sustained it and feel GREAT! Thank you Clarity!
Clarity Testimonial
Fiona Duncan
Founder RSVIP
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